Are the stones in your backyard looking a little worse for wear? Thinking that is time to look for stone restoration in Melbourne, but don’t know what to look for? Well, before you get in touch with us, here are some of the things that you should look out for.

Experience In The Field

There is no questioning that when it comes to stone restoration, you are going to have to get someone that knows what they are doing. Thankfully, you can find out just that by looking up their experience in the field. There are three key ways to go about that: you can see how long they have been in the industry for (anything more than 5 years is a solid sign), how their reputations look (more on that below) and the execution of their work. Combine them all together and you will have a firm idea on whether the company knows what they are doing or not.

Their Reputation Amongst Peers

They always say that what your peers say about you is more important than the general public. And that is so true. So if you want a firm idea on how a company is perceived by their peers ask around. Contact a wealth of companies and scope out what they say about each other. It might get snippy and competitive, but most companies will highlight both the pros and cons of a competitor.

Their Reputation Amongst The People

We touched on how they are perceived in their own industry, but how a stone restoration company looks in the eyes of everyday people is just as important. Why is this the case? Because you associate with everyday people and what they think has an impact on your decision. So how do you find out about their perception? There are two ways to go about:

  1. You speak to friends, family or colleagues who have used their services before and see what they say.
  2. You check online through Facebook and Google, and see what ratings and reviews they get. This will give you a good scope on what you can expect.

The Costs & Value Of Their Services

Finally, we get down the financial side of things. How does the company compare to others in terms of pricing and value? Are you being ripped off or not? Is it worth the fee they charge? There is only way to go about this: ask them for a quote and see what they tell you in terms of what you want. From there, compare their fees to other companies and see what comes out for you.  You will then have a good scope of what works for you in terms of the finances.