So you are looking to redevelop your property or look to add an extension or renovation. That is all fun and good. In fact, it’s an exciting time. From the early designs to the execution, being part of a development is thrilling to see your project rise from the ground up. There is only one problem that will stop everything in its tracks: asbestos.

The deadly fibre has been known to stop projects and demolitions on the spot. No waiting, no considerations, just a blank “stop”. That is how dangerous asbestos. But you might be thinking: “you’re trying to scare us”. We wish we are. That is why we have provided you with this blog on how dangerous asbestos is.

1. You Can Destroy Your Lungs By Inhaling It 

The most obvious issue that comes inhaling asbestos is that you risk your lungs and your life. Due to the micro-fibres that come with asbestos, you can contract a wide array of illnesses that can threaten your breathing and lifestyle. The most common asbestos-related illnesses, include asbestosis (which will make your breathing a real struggle), pleural effusions (which cause are fluid buildups between the pleural layers) and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). There is no denying that when it comes to exposing your lungs to dangerous illnesses, then asbestos can provide it for you.

2. It Can Give You Terminal Diseases 

Asbestos is known to infect people with serious illnesses and diseases, such as lung cancer and mesothelioma. These illnesses will basically eat away at your lungs and lay the platform for you facing terminal issues. Constant exposures and consistent inhalation will lead to you struggling with these diseases. In some rare cases, it has even cause ovarian cancer in women.

What Can You Do About It? 

Before you do anything less, you have to get all the asbestos removed from your property. We recommend that you do not do it yourself, as you will not be properly equipped for it and you can risk your life. We suggest that the course of action, is to contact a professional that is successful in removing asbestos from properties. When it comes to asbestos removal services then we recommend you do it beforehand, so your demolition project can continue without problems.

We hope that you are now more informed about the dangers of asbestos. If you are looking to continue with your project, then speak to Melbourne District Demolition. They are the experts in both asbestos removal and demolitions. So don’t waste time looking for two companies, when they can do both.